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"The world reveals
      itself to those in love
               enough to accept its gifts."

"Every day do something that
will inch you closer to a better tomorrow."

- Doug Firebaugh


I've chosen the following links from a variety of sources hoping that
you will experience much inspiration and renewal from them and
your life will be just a little bit richer and happier.

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Useful Reference Sites:

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Inspirational E-Books:

Inspiring Spiritual Books by Louise Hay
Large selection of spiritual books, cassettes, videos & affirmation
card decks to choose from. Free newsletter.

How to Achieve Your Exciting Goals in 8 Easy Steps
How to Achieve a Goal in 8 easy, doable steps. Free E-book - tutorial.

Learn Success Secrets
Excellent books on Affirmations, Visualization & Meditation.

Learn How To Easily Set Up Your Web Page
And Sell Your Product With Ease!

Site Build it (SBI) - The Best Web Hosting Site on the Internet!

This is your opportunity to have your own personal Web Site!

It's the only , all-in-one, comprehensive web hosting site that
will guide you step by step on how to set up a profitable web site
with a brainstorming tool for keywords, an autoresponder, downloading
capabilities and dozen's of tips on making your web business profitable.

Put your special area or expertise and interest on the Web !
Share your interests with others and make a lot of money in the process.

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Inspirational Sites:

Find the Best Inspirational Get Well Messages and Quotes
Find exactly the right words to write in a Get Well Card..

Someone Sent You a Greeting
Beautiful selection of Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Graduation
and Religious Themed Cards to choose from with great greeting card
messages and quotes to write in the cards.

Self Improvement: Inspirational Quotes
On this site you will find many uplifting quotes to reflect on
share, increase your positive feelings and spark your creativity.

In the Mind of Something Greater
In Lisa Hynes writings she helps you understand how spirit works
in your life. She explains how body, mind and spirit work together
for the good of all.
Bartleby is a free online repository of books, famous essays, poems, and short
stories.  It also features thousands of Quotations from different authors.

The Ultimate List of 200 Motivational Quotes
200 Motivational Quotes from 20 World Influencers with Beautiful Pictures
Free Videos and Audios on Advanced Personal Development
for creating an extraordinary life.

Outstanding Inspirational and Entrepreneurship Articles
An inspirational source with many interesting and insightful articles
for ambitious individuals who want to succeed in all areas of life.

Addiction Quotes for Recovery
Beautifully illustrated, inspiring quotes to help addicts with recovery
from alcohol, drug and gambling addictions.

Beautiful Inspiring Wall Art Quotes by Gemma Duffy
Artistic Motivational and Inspiring Quotes that are ideal for rooms in
your home, school, office or place of work.

Love Words for Lovers
Love Words for Lovers features beautiful love quotes on the many
aspects of love.

Life of Hope
Inspiring quotes, wonderful short stories with great lessons and
beautiful pictures of nature

Motivational Art Posters
Motivational Art Posters offers several beautiful motivational,
fine art, nature, animal pictures, and patriotic pictures for sale.

Motivational Posters
Experience these beautiful Motivational Posters with inspiring pictures
on themes of inspiration, leadership, sports, office and humor.

Dream This Day
Sad Quotes: Understand the nature of sadness and turn those sad
feelings to joy.


Inspirational Quotes about Life
A large collection of Inspirational Quotes on life, love, and more.

Happy Publishing Motivational Quotes
Motivational quotes, thought for the day by email, famous quotes and sayings

Empowering Quotes
Inspiring quotes by famous people, love quotes & motivational posters

Golden Thoughts
Great inspirational quotations and guidelines for living a happy life.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Magazine
Inspiring articles and books by many of the best Inspirational
speakers and writers of our time - Free E-zine.

Brian Tracy's Site
One of the best motivational authors and speakers.
Books, audio cassettes, and videos are available. Free Ezine.

Fabulous Sites:

45 Next Generation Learning Tools Kids Will Love
Explore the most exciting educational learning for school 
teachers that have the power to make a noticeable difference
in the classroom.

On this site you can get a free, very helpful Guide Packet
that includes treatment guides.

Learn more about your benefits options with their VA-accredited claims
agents  all free of charge. At your request, a Free Veterans Guide will be
sent to you.

Mesothelioma Help Now
Mesothelioma Help Now was created to help patients and their families
understand their diagnosis.

Create Free Custom Logo Signs is a free online logo maker with 4000 templates that
anyone can use to create a unique logo in minutes.  Check them out at: is the most comprehensive psychology
degree guide on the web. They have over 3,100 different psychology
degrees and 1700 different universities in their database.

Guide to Counseling Degrees has created the most detailed counseling
resource on the web. You will be able to research specific types of 
counseling degrees.

Quickly Create and Share Stunning Visual Content
A design tool for everyone from bloggers  who need to create eye-
   catching social media images to small business owners who need
   to create brochures, flyers, and posters to promote their business..

Turn Your Photos into Works of Art for Free
 An all-in-one free online tool for photo editing, graphic design and
     photo collages.

Mesothelioma - Discover the Latest Treatments
       & Get Financial Aid through This Web Site works with the best doctors to get the
       care you need.  Check it out at:

Easily Find a Mesothelioma Lawyer in Your Area
The following links help families connect with leading
    mesothelioma lawyers in your area.

Wedding Card Message
Offers help for writing beautiful wedding card messages.

http://www.weddingcardmessage. com

Great Links to Creative Art and Crafts Sites
Links to truly outstanding web sites featuring art, crafts, poetry and quotations.

Offers free online horoscopes, free astrology prediction, and horoscope

Find out How to Get Your Psychology Degree
A wonderful resource for the Complete Guide to Campus and
Online Psychology Degrees

The Enchanted Self

Two excellent books on achieving joy, happiness, and well-being.

DeClutter Your Home Fast
Learn how to become one of the Those Super-Organized, Happy People.

Something to Share: Daily Inspiration, Motivation & Gifts
http://www.SomethingToShare. com

Authentic Sacred Jewelry Crafted from the Heart

Peace in Any Language - A Wonderful World Peace T-Shirt Company

100% Genuine Software at Lowest Prices on the Internet

Printed Creative, Personalized Thank You, Christmas and
Wedding Cards, etc.

Read Your Exciting 2012 Horoscope & 2012 Astrology
Get your Detailed Report on Predictions for Your Zodiac Sign astrology/year2012/ 2012horoscope2012.html

The London Display Company - Find the Perfect Portable Display Systems
The London Display Company helps you reach out to your Target Audience with
their amazing range of Portable Display Systems

Peace in Any Language - A Wonderful World Peace T-Shirt Company

Free Greeting Cards:

Canva Greeting Cards - Design Your Own for Free
Create memorable greeting cards in Canva for free. Choose from a library of
templates created by awesome
designers. With a few clicks you can create
a professional design.

123 Greeting Cards

Wonderful Free Ecards