by Barbara Jean

                                                                    by Barbara Jean

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I am beginning to learn that it is
the sweet, simple things of life
which are the real ones after all.

                                                                 - Laura Ingalls Wilder

        Thanks for visiting my site!  I hope you are enjoying
the quotes I've collected over the years.  Several years
ago, after taking a Calligraphy class, I became interested 
in quotations and have been collecting them ever since.

        I love sharing my quotes with you and hope that you
will receive much inspiration and wisdom from them.

        For several years I taught "Calligraphy Classes" at 
a community college in the NW.  I also had a business
where I designed inspirational quotes, wedding invitations, 
and greeting cards.

        I grew up in a wonderful small town in Northwestern
Wisconsin,  and for the past several years, I have enjoyed
living in the beautiful city of Seattle..

        I especially love it that we're surrounded by spectacular
snow-capped mountains, and that ocean beaches and rain
forests are within driving distance. It's a great place to
explore and be out in nature.

        Let me know if any of the quotes are particularly meaningful
and inspirational to you.  I'd love to hear from you.

                            Wishing you all the desires of your heart!

                            Barbara Jean Olson

Enjoy Today!


"Live in the expectation of everything good happening!"

"Teach me the art of creating islands of stillness, in which
I can absorb the beauty of everyday things: clouds, trees,
the stillness of a crystal blue lake . . ."
                                                             - Marion Stroud

"You can't drink in tomorrow, but you can drink
in today! How delicious!"
                                                             - Susan Jeffers

"Make this the happiest day of your life."

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                      "Above all Life should be fun!"
                        "Take time for some Fun in Your Life Today!"
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