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  "Inspirational Quotations offers inspiring 
         quotes and inspirational sayings to
                help you live a happier and 
                     more rewarding life." 

       Each Day is an Entirely New
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          Inspirational Quotations
                      July 2024

            Have a Happy Month! 
               Be thankful  -  and look to 
                       every new day 
                   with renewed hope.
              Make every day special.
                       Own it.  Enjoy it.
                  Bask in the Glory of it!
          - Susan Polis Schutz

           The happiest people in the world 
             are those who have a hard time 
                     recalling their worries, 
                         and an easy time
               remembering their blessings. 
                                     - Alin Austin             

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       Inspirational Quotations offers inspiring quotes and 
inspirational sayings to help you live a happier and more
rewarding life. We invite you to take a few minutes out of your
your day just to relax and enjoy the beauty and wisdom of these 
quotations!  .

      Are you looking for a little peace and quiet - as well as
uplifting inspiration?  Well, you've  come to the right place!

      This special site is a place where you can unwind and soak
and enjoy the beauty and wisdom of these quotations!

      "Inspirational Quotations" is a collection of  beautiful
inspirational quotes that explores ways to bring greater joy 
and happiness into your life.

Inspiring Quotes:

            "A calm and peaceful mind is a very important
                                 factor in good health."

        We have tried to design "Inspirational Quotations" as a 
"tranquil oasis" - a quiet haven on the Web - a place to refresh 
yourself and let  some of the deeper meanings of life unfold 
for you. 

        It is our sincere desire that somewhere on this web site,
one or many of these  inspirational quotes will speak to you 
personally -- that at least one of these quotations will touch 
your heart and you will feel that it was meant just for you. 

             "Remember that life's most treasured moments
                              often come unannounced."

       Just one quote . . . one inspirational quote could change
your entire life - forever -  for the better!  

       One of the most effective ways to add punch and power to
your speech or writing is to add quotations. We have included  
a section on "famous inspirational quotations" for you.  Use 
these quotes for the speeches, books or articles you're writing.

Inspirational Sayings:

                       "Each life needs it's own quiet place."

        We will be adding more motivational inspirational quotes 
every month so . . .

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