Quote of the Week:

                "You Can't Drink in Tomorrow, 
                         But You Can Drink
                                  in Today!
How Delicious!"    

                                                               - Susan Jeffers 

   Today is the Most Wonderful Day of My Life!

               To Truly Live in the Now is to discover the key to 
          happiness and contentment.  Our peace of mind is
          determined by how much we are able to focus our minds 
          in the present moment regardless of what happened 
          yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. 

                Young children, beautifully and totally, absorb
         themselves in the now - whether it's looking at a flower, 
         drawing a picture or playing in the sand.

                Let us become more like little children today.  Let
         us stop rushing through our experiences and instead
         slow down and relish the happenings in our lives today.

                 Savor your life today - savor all the little joys - all 
         the big and little successes.  Savor the deliciousness 
         of it all - revel in it!  Take time for pleasure in your life - 
         relax and let go. . . Enjoy! 

                By Being Fully Present,
          I Drink in the Deliciousness of Today!

          Have a Beautiful Week,

          Barbara Jean

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               Whenever something happens that I would prefer not
         to happen, I ask myself – “I wonder what good will come 
         from this.” And then I search for it.  I hope you’ll do the 

         I Wish you Showers of Blessings from Above!

         Love you all,

         Barbara Jean

         I Love my Life Today!   I Savor All of It!

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