Quote of the Week:

                    The art of conversation lies
                       in building on another's
                       Not overturning them.
                I am a great conversationalist!
Do want to become a great conversationalist?
            Building on another's remark or observation about
            some aspect about life is a great way to become one. 

                  People will love to talk to you if you do this one 

                  How many times have you said something
           simply to make a connection with someone - like
           "Nice day, isn't it?" -  and they contradicted you -
           overturned it?  It's kind of deflating isn't it?

                  Professional interviewers often take one word
           in the last sentence of the interviewee and repeat it
           with a question - the person will frequently expand
           on it and reveal an interesting facet of his or her life.
                  Doing this will never leave you at a loss as to
           what to say and will make you a joy to converse with.

           I Make all My Conversations Supportive & Delightful!
          Wishing you Many Blessings This Week,

Barbara Jean

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