Quote of the Week:

              "I have learned as a rule of thumb, 
                         never to ask whether 
                        you can do something. 
             Say, instead, that you are doing it.
                   Then fasten your seat belt.  

          The most remarkable things follow."
- Julia Cameron

I Can Do It!  I Know I Can!

        What a wonderful thought!  It makes you feel like
            the thing you feel you can't do is not only do-able but
            will bring something exciting into your life.

                  Designing an action plan and believing in yourself
            are two of the most important things you can do to
            get yourself moving towards your goals.

                  Commit to doing activities that guarantee results-
            not just the easy things.
  By telling yourself you can
            and are doing it - you will be  giving yourself just the
            pep talk you need to get started.  

                  Once you've gotten started, keep going until
            something outstanding has been accomplished!

        I Constantly Amaze Myself with my
                 Incredible Accomplishments!

             Have a Remarkable Week,

             Barbara Jean

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