Quote of the Week:

                          "What you Say Means 

                        How you Say it Means

I Speak in a Kind, Loving, Patient 
                    Tone to Everyone Today.

Why should  the tone of our voice be so important? 
         It's not often discussed or thought about - but whether
         the tone is loving or angry, tender or scornful, patient 
         or impatient has a huge impact on others.  

                The next time you talk to someone notice the tone
         behind the words of each of you.  Notice how you respond
         and how the other person responds. Could it be that the 
         meaning of  your message is conveyed more in how you
         say it than in what you actually say?

                 We're here to encourage others - to make them feel 
         wonderful and special. By simply putting more love and
         tenderness and patience into our words, we can make others
         feel good.  How about adding a  playful, fun-loving tone?

                 We do this by thinking kind, happy thoughts in our
         minds and our hearts first - before we speak.  Our reward 
         will be
better relationships and greater peace of mind.

      The Tones I Use are Music to Others Ears!

        Have a Wonderful Week,

          Barbara Jean

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