Quote of the Week:

      "For I know the plans I have for you," 
                           declares the Lord, 
                       "plans to prosper you

                        and not to harm you,
                    plans to give you a hope
                             and a future." 
         - Jeremiah 29:11

              I Trust God Has a Wonderful 
                          Plan for my Life! 

God has a heavenly plan for you - He is planning
       good things for your life.  You can count on Him to lead
       you into a fulfilling, prosperous life that is everything
       you wanted it to be and more.

             By using your gifts and talents to help others who
      are hurting or who need your help, you are already living
      out His plan for you.  

            To find out specifically what His plan for you is, say
      the following prayer when you awaken in the morning:

           "Lord, guide my decisions and choices in everything
      I do and say today.  Lead me into your perfect plan for
      my life today. Give me the courage to take action on your
      wondrous plan for my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank 

       I Count on the Lord to Bring Only Good
                  Things into My Life Today!

      Have a Faith-filled Week

      Barbara Jean

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