Quote of the Week:

                              "Start with a picture 
                                 of your goal
               as already achieved in the future
                 and work back to the present. 

                           Imagine the steps 
          that you would have taken to get from
                         where you are now
                    to where you want to be."  
                                                                           - Brian Tracy

I picture my goals as already accomplished!

        Picture the accomplishment of your deepest
                desire.  What would it look like if it were already
                achieved?  List the steps, starting from the back,
                of what you would have needed to have done to
                accomplish this goal.

                     Try this on 1 goal you're working on this week.
                Imagine how you'll feel when it's accomplished.
                Start at the very end and work backwards to the
                present - step by step.
                     Realize that success isn't in the achievement;
                it lies in the reaching, creating and growing as
                we work towards our goals.  So enjoy all the
                steps along the way and at the same time live in 
                the assurance that the goal will become a reality 
                if you simply take the steps you've listed.

       I am a success in all I do!

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           Have a Extraordinary Week,

          Barbara Jean

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