Quote of the Week:

                         "Life is to be Fortified by
                           Many Friendships. 

                        To Love and be Loved
                                     is the
               Greatest Happiness of Existence."
                                                                     - Sydney Smith

                           I treasure my friends!     

   Our friends are channels of love and affection.
             When our hearts connect, they bring great comfort
             to us.  They give us a shoulder to cry on when our
             lives feel gloomy and to laugh with us when our lives
             are bright and easy. They fortify us.

                   Let us be grateful for the gifts they bring into our
             lives.  Appreciate the joy and fun they add to our
             world and how wonderfully they expand our hearts.

                   When we spend time with a friend we give our-
             selves the gift of love as well as them.  The love we
             share with them adds immeasurably to our happiness.

      I am thankful for the wonderful gifts 
                     friends bring into my life.

               Have a Love-filled Week,

              Barbara Jean

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