Quote of the Week:

                         "There is only one quality
                        which one must possess
                                     to win, 
                                  and that is
                        definiteness of purpose, 
              the knowledge of what one wants, 
             and a burning desire to possess it."
                                                                            - Napoleon Hill  

          I have a burning desire to succeed!     

                      There is a burning desire to accomplish
               something great in everyone.  The question is -
               how do you find that burning desire in yourself?
                      Start by asking yourself: 

                      1.  What do I excel at?
                      2.  What am I hungry for?
                      3.  What do I love to do in my free time?
                       Write out your desires - your goals - aim 
                for 10 or 12. Carefully consider which one, if 
                you accomplished it, would make the biggest
                difference in your life and affect everything else.
                Make that your major definite purpose and
                commit to making it happen.

                       The more you hunger to achieve your
                 most important dream, the more powerful
                 you will become and the more likely you
                 will be to succeed.  Believe you can do it!
I have discovered my burning desire and 
                     I pursue it passionately!

                 Have a Very Successful Week,

                 Barbara Jean

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