Quote of the Week:

                       "Of all the things you wear,
                              your expression
                                     is the
                             most important.

                     Sometimes the perfect gift
                            is a cheery smile."  
         I give everyone I meet today a big smile!

                  Even though smiling might not seem that 
                 important - it really is.  

                       For instance, the amount of time you smile
                 during a conversation has a direct effect on how 
                 friendly you're perceived to be. It boosts yours 
                 and others' moods and helps them feel better
                 about themselves.

                       And research has shown that smiling at least 
                 4 times during an job significantly increases your
                 chances of getting the  job because they see you 
                 as being cooperative and easy to get along with.

                       Just by smiling warmly at others, you can
                 create happiness around you. It's a gift you can 
                 easily give.

                       And when you smile, let your smiles be true 
                smiles that come from the heart and spread to your
                lips and go right up to your warm sparkling eyes. 

                       Smile, even if it takes a little effort at first - 
                soon it will become spontaneous.  

                       By the way, when someone takes your picture,
                put on your best smile - you will look better on the
                picture and it will cheer everyone around you.

                          Today, I Greet the World with a Smile!

                 Have a Beautiful Week!
                 Barbara Jean

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                Loved this book by Gretchen Rubin - full of 
                wisdom and ideas to increase your happiness 
                from day to day.

The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun

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