Quote of the Week:

                        "Make a careful list of all 
       the things done to you that you abhorred. 
Don’t do them to others – ever.  

       Make another list of things done for you
                             that you loved.  
Do them for others  - always."
                                                          - Dee Hock 

                      Love More - Hurt Less! 
                      A Recipe for Happiness!
          What a powerful exercise!  If everyone in the
practiced this, think how peaceful this planet
             would be!  Here’s our chance to add to the peace
             of this world.

                  Don’t dwell on the things you detested, just list
             them and for a few moments realize the hurt that
             they caused you. 

                  Doing this will actually help you overcome your
            hurt. Sometimes, when we are hurt, we want to hurt
            others. But 2 hurts causes more pain to both of you.

                  Instead why not commit to not ever doing that
            thing you hated so much that was done to you to
            another. Experience peace of mind!

                  The other list of 'Doing Things You Loved Done
             For You' will help you open your heart even more.

You will be on the lookout for nice things you
             can do for others. By practicing this simple exercise,
             you'll make the world an even happier, loving place.
        Make a game out of it.  Have fun with it.
                       It could even be life-changing for you.

                Copyright © 2010 by Barbara Jean Olson

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