Quote of the Week:

                          "Perhaps the very best
              question that you can memorize
                and repeat, over and over, is
                  "What is the most valuable
                             use of my time
                                right now?"
                                                                        - Brian Tracy

    Am I Spending my Time Wisely Right Now?
          All successful people have one thing in
            common - they place a very high value on their
            time and are constantly looking for better ways
            of using their time to achieve their particular goals
            faster and easier.

                  Successful people use each spare moment
           to accomplish the tasks they have set before them
           for the day.
                 By asking ourselves the following questions,
           we will gain even more control over our time:
                  1)  Is this use of my time leading me towards
           the accomplishment of at least one of my goals?

                  2)  Could I use the next 5 - 15 minutes to move
          me one step closer to an important goal?

                  3)  Is there a better way of doing this - a faster
          or easier way of doing this task?

                The more we commit to using our time wisely
          and effectively, the more satisfaction, success and
          enjoyment we will experience in our lives.

I am well organized.  I use my time well!  

Following is a excellent book on time management
                                by Brian Tracy.
Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

             Copyright © 2010 by Barbara Jean Olson

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