Quote of the Week:

                               "Awake at Dawn
                      with a Winged Heart
                           Give Thanks for 
                            Day of Loving."

                                                                - Kahlil Gibran        
            Today I will Be Warm and Loving!
           Wouldn't it be great to wake up happy, looking
            forward to the day, knowing you were going to go
            through the day experiencing it in a loving way. 
                   You can predetermine that you are going to
            take a loving perspective from which to experience
            each event as it happens to you during the day.

                   When you notice a negative reaction to a
           person or happening in your life - simply replace
           the negative words in and outside your head with 
           positive expressions of joy and love.

                   With repeated practice, positive words and 
           feelings can dissolve feelings of self-pity, fear and 
           anger.  Life feels good when you are feeling loving 
           towards it.  Try it for just one day!

      Just for today I will think only appreciative, loving thoughts!

                   Following is a wonderful book on learning to
             love that features 144 exercises for strengthening 
             your ability to have loving experiences.
                           The Art and Practice of Loving

             Copyright © 2010 by Barbara Jean Olson

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