Quote of the Week:

                       "Your work is to discover
                             your work and
                         with all your heart,

                        to give yourself to it."
                                                                             - Buddha
             Discover the Work You Love to Do!

We all know that work we enjoy brings satisfaction,
         self-respect and meaning to our lives. Did you know that
         finding work that is meaningful to you is one of your 
         greatest responsibilities?

                To find what your meaningful work is, ask yourself
         the following questions this week:        

                1.  What do I love to do?  
                2.  What am I good at?  
                3.  What do I want to become the best at?
                4.  What gets me charged up? 
                5.  What am I passionate about?
                 Finding work you love will fill your life with 
         excitement and reward. Lose yourself in your work!
         Happiness and success will miraculously follow. 
"This Week - Give Your Heart to Your Work"

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            Wishing you a Successful Week

             Barbara Jean
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