Quote of the Week:

               "Much of the stress that people
                     feel doesn't come from
                     having too much to do.

             It comes from not finishing what
                               you start."
                                                    - David Allen
            If You Start Something, Finish it!
          Unfinished tasks weigh us down - without us
             even realizing it.  If you have undone tasks you
             wish were done, you might try the following plan.
                   List all of your unfinished tasks - just pour 
             them all out of your head onto paper or your 
             computer.  Classify and transfer these tasks unto
             various Project Lists. Limit the projects to 4 - 6 
             so you're not overwhelmed.

                   Decide when you want do your projects by
             putting them on your Daily or Weekly List and
             commit to doing them.  

                   Envision the project completed and feel how
             wonderful it will feel to have the project finished.  
             Before you know it you'll have a clear life and
             calm mind!

Make it your Motto to "Finish What You Start!"

Following are 2 books that I have found helpful 
             in getting my life organized.  Check them out for 

                   How to Get Organized When You Don’t Have the Time

                   Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

             Wishing you Continued Success,

             Barbara Jean
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