Quote of the Week:

            "Today is a smooth white seashell. . . 

                           Hold it close and
                                  listen to 
                     the beauty of the hours."

          Notice all the Beauty Around You!

                     Isn't this a beautiful image of a day in our
                lives?  Focusing on the beauty that surrounds
                us each day can be an exhilarating, wonderful
                experience -  essential to enjoying life to its'

                     For this week, take special note of the 
                beauty that appears in your life hour by hour. 
                Write out a list of the beautiful things you 
                experience each day for a week.

                    Use your all your senses - sight, hearing, 
                smell, touch and taste.  By noticing the beauty 
                in your life, you'll see how rich your life really is!

                Wishing you a beautiful day,

                Barbara Jean

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             Copyright © 2010 by Barbara Jean Olson

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