Quote of the Week:

           "Each day is an opportunity to start
      all over again . . . to cleanse our minds
      and hearts anew and to clarify our vision.  

           Let us not clutter up today with the
      happenings of other days. 

           Start each day fresh and new. . ."

Happiness Book and Workbook

             Climb the Stairway to Heaven is an uplifting, 
             fun, motivating book that I'm sure you'll enjoy.  
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       Happy New Year! 

        Many of you have asked that I send Weekly Quotes.
        I will be sending out one inspiring quote a week that
        I hope will make your life happier and more promising.

        I would like to challenge you to make this year the best
        year of your life.  One way to do this is to take the 
        quotes I send you each week and make them truly yours
        by memorizing them and applying the wisdom they 
        contain to your life on a daily basis.

        Here's a plan for applying the wisdom of these inspiring
        quotes to your own life. Live with these quotes one week 
        at a time.  Make them yours.  Get a notebook and write 
        out the "Quote of the Week" 1 - 5 times every day for a

        Next, write each "Weekly Quote" on a small card, a 
        special notebook or on your computer and when you are
        otherwise unoccupied, look at it and repeat it several 
        times slowly. Look for the deeper meaning. 

        Write your "Weekly quotes" out, memorize them, take 
         them into your heart and live them.  Apply them to your

         Keep your "quote cards" or "quote notebook" in a 
         special place so you can gain wisdom and inspiration any
         time you need it.

         Make a commitment to make this year the best year ever
         by making these beautiful, simple, inspiring quotes 
         your very own.
         Wishing you Countless Blessings in the coming Year,

         Much love,

         Barbara Jean

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