"Enjoy the Present

Contentment Quotations: 
Until you make peace with who you are,
     you'll never be content with what you have.

Contentment makes poor men rich; Discontent
      makes rich men poor.
                          - Benjamin Franklin

  The world is full of people looking for spectacular
       happiness while they snub contentment.
                                    - Doug Larson
Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you 
      want, but the realization of how much you
      already have.

Contentment Affirmations:

I am content with my present circumstances.

I am keeping my life simple.

My mind is at peace.

I am relaxed, happy and content.

I am free from every tension, stress or strain.

I feel the comfort of God's guiding presence.

God is present in my life as peace and harmony.

Contentment Questions:        

What specifically can I do to feel more content with my
    life right now?

Am I feeling content or anxious right now?  What anxious
    thought can I let go of and what content thought can
    I think right now that will make me feel more satisfied
    with my life?


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              A Way to True Happiness      

                                        - Robert A. Johnson
                                        - Jerry M Ruhl

                "You Can Simplify"

"One path to contentment is to follow the approach 
advocated by Thoreau and Gandhi:  Simplify your life!

    Reducing the sheer number of your daily choices
effectively limits what you have to process and cuts out
some of the anxiety of modern life.

    Do you really need 101 channels on satellite TV? 
Does flipping from channel to channel bring more 
contentment or less contentment?  What are the trade-
offs? Apply this yardstick to many things in your life.

    We equate freedom with the greatest degree of 
individuality and the maximum number of choices.

    Just as an experiment, see what it is like to live
with fewer choices. This weekend, rather than going
off to consume something, choose to soothe yourself
by being quiet, taking a walk in nature, or arranging
a simple dinner with friends.

    Take an inventory of your life, and look for ways to

    Will a new car really being you more contentment
or will it stretch your budget so you have to work much
harder? How long will it be before the "newness" wears

    How about moving to a different house - will the 
opportunities for enjoyment be offset by worries and 
innumerable projects?

    Our doing, just for the sake of doing, is a major
factor in modern discontent.  Try simplifying!"
                                                                - Robert Johnson
                                                                - Jerry M Ruhl

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     Try substituting "you" for "I" in the affirmations
to bless others, to picture all-good for them,  and 
to see them in a new light.

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      Have a peaceful day!  May the Lord grant you
all the desires of your heart!  Merry Christmas!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2005 by Barbara Jean Olson


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