"Trusting Yourself
     Allows You to Act with
                       - Cheri Carter-Scott            

Self Reliance Quotes:
Look well into thyself; there is a source
      of strength which will always spring
      up if thou wilt always look there.
                                    - M. Antonious
Self distrust is the cause of most of our
     failures.  In the assurance of strength
     there is strength: and they are the
     weakest, however strong, who have 
     no faith in themselves or their powers.
                                         - Bovee
Your chances of success in any undertaking 
     can always be measured by your belief 
     in yourself.
                                    - Robert Collier
Believe in yourself!  Have faith in your abilities! 
     Without a humble but reasonable confidence
     in your own powers you cannot be successful 
     or happy.
                                   - Norman Vincent Peale
Self Reliance Affirmations:

I greet all challenges with faith, courage and joy.

God's guiding wisdom is with me, strengthening me.

I am calm, relaxed, and confident.

Nothing can disturb the deep calmness of my soul.

I am in God's loving care and all is well.  I am safe.

Cherie Carter-Scott teaches simple, empowering
rules for success - You will find the real path to
success -  to fulfillment - in this remarkable book.

"If Success is a Game
          These Are the Rules"
          Ten Rules for a Fulfilling Life
                             - Cherie Carter-Scott  

                 "Trust versus Fear"
     Trust and fear are antithetical.  Where one
exists, the other is either blocked or absent.  If you
are afraid, you cannot trust your choices.  Conversely, 
if you are in "trust" with yourself, then you will not be
afraid of the choices you make.

     When you trust yourself , you pay attention to the 
spark you feel inside.  You know that your instincts and
intuition are to be honored.  You are willing to take
action even if the action you take comes with no

     Fear creeps in when you doubt yourself, when you
dwell on the worst that can happen, when you focus on 
outcomes that will be detrimental to you. 

     Fear perches itself at the edge of your consciousness,
waiting for the smallest invitation to enter.  The only way
to keep it at bay is to remain firmly rooted in self-trust.      

     If you find yourself leaning toward fear, you may
want to consider taking some time and space to realign
with your core.  You can use whatever method works best 
for you - meditation, a walk alone in the park, talking to 
a trusted friend, doing an activity that you love.

    When you remember your unique talents, abilities,
and true worth you will see the fear evaporate as quickly
as it arose.

     When you trust yourself, you discover your truth. 
When you honor that truth, you can see your authentic

     Following your authentic path will lead you to the
vision of prosperity that ultimately will engage your mind,
ignite your heart, and cause your soul to sing."

                                    - Cherie Carter-Scott 

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Have a beautiful day!

Barbara Jean Olson

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