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Inspirational Quotations, 03-#009 - Courage Quotes
July 06, 2003

               "What a new Face
      Courage puts on Everything."
                                    -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Courage Quotes:

Courage consists, not in blindly overlooking 
danger, but in seeing and conquering it.
                                       - Richter

Fear is created not by the world around us,
but in the mind, by what we think is going to 
                            -Elizabeth Gawain

A coward flees backward, away from new
things.  A man of courage moves vigorously
forward toward new things.
                                   - Jacques Maritain 

It is an error to suppose that courage means
courage in everything - most people are brave 
only in the dangers to which they accustom
themselves, either in imagination or practice.
                                     - Bulwer

Courage Affirmations:

I face the future, wise, free and unafraid.

I keep myself inwardly poised and calm, 
     assured God's presence is with me.

I step forward with confidence and faith.

God's almighty power is working in this
    situation now - giving me the perfect answer.

Courage Questions:

How can I courageously take one step forward
    on a project I've been putting off because of 
What did I do today that was courageous and
    what can I learn from this?


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Following is an excerpt from a very helpful book
   on gaining self esteem and a sense of worth.

    "The Courage to Be Yourself"
                        - By Sue Patton Thoele

"The good news about learned fear is that it can 
be unlearned.  

    No matter what our past, we can experience
the deep truth that life and relationships need not be
fear-filled.  We do not consist of our fear; we merely
experience it.  

    Thus we can learn step by step to see fear not as
something that we are but something that we have.  
For example, you may have at times told yourself, I'm
such a coward!  Not true!  Never accept a definition
of yourself that identifies you as your fear.  

    Here's an exercise in disidentification:  The next time
you're aware of feeling afraid, acknowledge what you
fear, accept that it's a fact of your being at the moment, 
and then repeat several times to yourself:  I have a fear 
of (heights, failure, oysters, etc.) but I am not this fear!

    Think of some sentences that appeal to you as an
accurate definition of who you are.  For example:

   "I have a fear of rejection.  But I am not that fear.
I am a beautiful, unique soul created in God's image.
I am O.K. exactly as I am."
                                    - Susan Patton Thoel

"The Courage to Be Yourself"

Have a Great Day!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2003 by Barbara Jean Olson


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