"True Love Can Last
         a Lifetime."

Since June is the most popular month for
   weddings, let's explore romance.

Romance is always in style whether we're 
   newly weds or long-time lovers - adding
   much pleasure to our lives.

Romance Quotes:

Your love makes my life a beautiful place to be.

 Love is happy. . .  Love is fun . . .
              Love is you!

Sharing is the heart of loving.
                  - Thomas Malloy                

Of all the joys in life, having you to love is 
    the greatest joy of all.     

Romance Affirmations:

I am a warm, loving person.

I celebrate every moment of my  life.

I delightfully create wonderful, memorable times
    with you.

I treasure every moment we spend together.

I am grateful.


How can I make my partner feel even more
special and loved today?

How can I bring more excitement and
   romance into my relationship this week?

How can I create a special, memorable
    celebration for our next Holiday that we
    will remember for years?


Following is an excerpt from the charming and
  very "enlightening" book.

"Light His Fire" 
How to Keep Your Man Passionately and
       Hopelessly in Love with You
                             - By Ellen Kriedman 

"The first principle in making a love relationship 
work is to love someone for who he is, not what you
fantasize he should or could be.  This is love in its 
purest form - there are no qualifications necessary 
to receive this love; it's automatic.

    In the very  beginning, when you first fall in love, 
you truly do love that person for who he is.  Later
your love becomes conditional:  "I'll love you if you
earn more money", "I'll  love you if you will be more 
outgoing", " I'll love you if you will stop watching sports
on TV so much."

    If, as a lover, you are offering love that is
conditional - love that always has an if attached to it -
then it becomes necessary for your mate to qualify 
for your love. Conditional  love requires a person to 
wonder whether he is worthy,  deserving, meets the
requirements, or is otherwise eligible for your love.

    We have to quality for a job, not a relationship! 
Unqualified love means there are no prerequisites,
no contingencies, no  requirements for your love. 
It is a gift given with no strings attached."
                                       - Ellen Kriedman

Click here to find out more about this book.

She also wrote a companion to this book,

           "Light Her Fire: "
How to Ignite Passion and Excitement
      in the Woman You Love."

Learn more.


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Have a Love-filled Day!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2003 by Barbara Jean Olson


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