"Happiness is Found in 
the Treasure of Each New Day."

Happiness Quotes:

To love others makes us happy.                    

True happiness is to be found in a contented mind.

Happiness is: 
        . . .  the sweet smile of a young child
        . . .  rambunctious little puppies
        . . .  sunshine after a shower
        . . .  a kiss in the rain

The secret of happiness is to count your blessings,
   while others are adding up their troubles.

We were made to radiate the perfume of good
    cheer and happiness as much as a rose was
    made to radiate its sweetness to every passerby.

Happiness Affirmations:

Divine love, expressing through me, now draws
to me all that is needed to make me happy and
to make my life complete.

My life is filled with happiness.

I am a happy, loving, joyful person. 

I am thankful.

Happiness Questions:

How can I bring a little more happiness into 
someone's life today?

How can I be a blessing to them in some small
or large way?


Following are 2 exercises  from the inspirational
"Choosing Happiness: 
The Art of Living Unconditionally."
- by Veronica Ray 

"Play the Glad Game.  This was Pollyanna's game 
of finding something to be glad about in everything.
Find something positive, however small, in every event,
relationship, situation, and person in your own life. Play
this game every day, several times a day, until it becomes
second nature to you."

"Feel  Your Happiness.  Define true happiness clearly
for yourself.  Not what you think you need to have it,
but what it feels like to you." 

"Close your eyes and find the place deep inside you where
this feeling lives.  Go to that place and feel happiness - 
love, peace, gentleness, joy, trust, and hope filling you
up inside.  Try to recall this feeling in various places
and situations.  Discover that you can feel this peaceful
contentment whenever and wherever you choose."

"Let true happiness come out from deep within you and 
take its rightful place at the center of your life."
                                          by Veronica Ray

I think you'll find the reviews of this book quite interesting.

Click here to find out more about Choosing Happiness.


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Have a Wonderful  Day!

Barbara Jean Olson

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