"Each Season has its Own Wonder,
          its Own Special Place and 
   Purpose in the Pattern of Creation."

Nature Quotes:

The dewy hand of spring has roused sleepy hills -
    and released their green energy . . . every blade
    of grass is new, and every tree stretches skyward.

Butterflies count not months, but moments, and yet
    have time enough to live fully and freely and

Within each of us, just waiting to blossom, is the
    wonderful promise of all we can be.

To know spring will come is to believe in miracles.

Nature Pictures:

Apple trees dressed up like beautiful brides.

Daisies exercising joyfully in the afternoon breeze.

Butterflies making wonderful spectacles of themselves.

Hills of lush crumpled velvet announcing spring has come.


I am calm, relaxed, and trusting.

I trust in the universal Spirit of Prosperity to provide
    richly for me now.

I am at peace.  All is well.


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Barbara Jean Olson

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