Enthusiasm creates joy                 and energy within           you to pursue your passion

        Enthusiasm Creates Joy
         and Energy Within us
       to Pursue our Passions

    Enthusiasm can release powerful forces within
us -  it can even work miracles in solving problems. 
It's an attitude and skill we can develop with practice
and commitment.

     Visualize yourself having loads of enthusiasm.
Memorize and repeat these quotes and affirmations
with feeling several times a day.

Enthusiasm Quotes:

The secret of a full life is lots of enthusiasm, the kind 
  that keeps you fighting and winning over all obstacles -
  and enjoying every minute of it.
                                           -Alfred Krebs

Enthusiasm is a mental sunshine that keeps everything
  in us alive and growing. 

A man doesn't need brilliance or genius, all he needs is
                                      -Albert M. Greenfield

Enthusiastic Affirmations:

  My life is an exciting adventure.

  I put fun, joy, and enthusiasm into everything I do.

  I am a happy, energetic, enthusiastic person   
  I face the future wise, serene, and unafraid.  

Following is an excerpt from the wonderful book,
            "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference."

From "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference"

"I truly believe that enthusiasm makes the difference
between success and failure."

     "I am convinced that the fortunate individuals who
achieve the most in life are invariably activated by

     "The men who do the most with their lives are those
who approach human existence, it's opportunities, and 
problems with a confident attitude and an enthusiastic 
point of view."
    "The important fact is that you can make yourself 
enthusiastic. Actually you can go further and develop a 
quality of enthusiasm so meaningful and in such depth 
that it will not decline or run dry no matter what strain
it is put to."
                                  -Norman Vincent Peale

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Barbara Jean Olson

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