"The More You Dream
       the More You Can Do."

                            - Michael Korda

Goal Quotes:

There is no road to success but through a clear,
     strong purpose.

Goals are new, forward-moving objectives.  They
     magnetize you toward them.
                               -Mark Victor Hansen

All who have accomplished great things have had
    a great aim, have fixed their gaze upon a goal
    which was high, one which sometimes seemed
                                - Orison Swett Marden

People with goals succeed because they know
    where they are going. It's as simple as that.
                                  - Earl  Nightingale

Goal Affirmations:

I have clear, well defined goals.

I am a capable, resourceful person.

I look forward to new challenges.

I radiate success and confidence.

I am joyful about my accomplishments.

Goal Questions:  
What are 10 "One-Year Goals" that will make my
     life complete and fulfilled in every way?

What are the exact steps for each goal that I will
     need to take to accomplish these goals?


    Congratulations to Leanne Robertson of Tulsa, 
Oklahoma!  You're the winner of the December
2003 Monthly Book Contest - "No More Holiday
Blues" by Wayne Dyer. The book  is on its way to 
you.  Good luck to all of you in this month's contest.

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Following is an excerpt from a book that helps
   you create and enjoy the life you want.

   "Creating Your Own Destiny"
           "How to Get Exactly What You 
                      Want Out of Life"

               "Visualize Your Dreams"
                                 -  Patrick Snow 

     People who are successful in all walks of life - 
sports, business, families - share a common trait: 
the ability to look into the future and visualize what
it is that they want to accomplish.

     Being able to visualize what it is that you want to
do or accomplish paints a mental picture for your

    When we can "see" something, even in our minds,
we are much more likely to make it happen.
      It is important  to understand that goals are the
foundation to realizing the destiny for which you
are born.

      Many times  people get overwhelmed by the
vastness of their biggest goals.

      I believe that you should not just set your sights
on your ultimate goal.  It is far easier to just concen-
trate on your next challenge and then proceed
toward your ultimate destination one step at a time.

     Otherwise, it is too easy to become overwhelmed
by the goal and give up.

     The beautiful thing about goals is that you have a
choice to build and create your own destiny or to sit
back and let life's circumstances determine who it is
that you become and what you achieve in life.

      Goals provide freedom in that your destination
has been set and you are now free to actively pursue
exactly what it is you want in life."      
                                           - Patrick Snow

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May you and all your loved ones be blessed with
good health, prosperity, and happiness this year.

Have a wonderful day!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2004 by Barbara Jean Olson


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