"Give with Love and
      Receive with Pleasure"

Gift Giving Quotes:                

The feelings shared during Christmas will last
    much longer than the gifts we receive.
                                - John A. Jenson

Give what you have.  To someone, it may
     be better than you dare to think.
                                - Longfellow

Appreciating the smallest of contributions
     is what makes Christmas such a precious 
     and beautiful time of the year.

Every gift, though it be small, is in reality, 
     great if given with affection.
                                 - Pindar

I have much to give  - right where I am.

I live everyday with a sense of gratitude and adventure.

My life overflows with blessings, and my heart
    overflows with praise and thanksgiving.

God provides all I need to thrive and to grow.

The indwelling presence of God fills me with peace.

Giving Questions:
What gift can I give today that would enrich another
     person in a wonderful, meaningful way?
 How can I give a present this holiday season in an extra
     special, thoughtful, delightful way for me and the
     other person? 

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An Excerpt from:

               "No More Holiday Blues"
  "Uplifting advice for recapturing the true spirit
       of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's"

                               by Wayne Dyer

     "The Perfect Gifts for the Holidays"
        "Give these gifts to those you love."

An Unquestioned Acceptance of Everyone as a
Valuable Human Being.
  Show those around you that
they are loved for who they are, not for what they do or 
how much they please you.

     Show by Your Example That Seeking Approval 
is Not Necessary. 
Give the gift of self-confidence-
building by clearly understanding and accepting that no
one can be approved of by everyone all of the time, and
that when one encounters some disapproval, one need 
not be immobilized or upset.

     Show that Failing is Not Only All Right, but 
Sometimes Necessary. 
Give the gift of being a person
who is not afraid to fail.  Show that you are willing to
try new things and fail a lot on your way to becoming 
proficient at anything.  Don't be alarmed when others
experience failure, and help them to accept it as a
necessary step toward growing.

     Show Others How to Enjoy the Present Moment.
Give the gift of their own lives, to be enjoyed one day
at a time. Allow others to be children, to love being 
where they are rather than always hurrying to the next
place.  Give them the present of the present, and 
accept them as whole and complete now.

    Show Them How to Avoid Worry. Give them a gift
of a worry-free life by not being a worrier yourself.  Show
others that you will tackle the problems you have, but
that you refuse to sit around and just worry.

    Show Them How to Be Fully Alive.  Give them the
gift of a person who can sparkle and appreciate all of 
life.  Allow for new adventures, laughter, fun, creativity,
and trusting your own inner signals in all that you do.  

     Teach them the fundamental truth of relying on one's
self for happiness and being able to bring happiness to
virtually all circumstances, rather than trying to find 
happiness outside yourself.

                                               - Wayne Dyer

    Another great excerpt from "No More Holiday Blues" is 
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your enjoyment of this festive holiday season.

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Happy Holidays!!  Hope you're having a beautiful season!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2003 by Barbara Jean Olson


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