"Friends are the Best Presents"

Friendship Quotes:

Friendships are fragile things, and require
    as much care in handling as any other
    fragile and precious thing.
                         - Randolph S. Bourne

Time changes many things, but not the
    joy that friendship brings.
To share with a friend is to see twice the

Two persons cannot long be friends if
    they cannot forgive each other's little 
                                     - Bruyere

Friendship Affirmations: 

I bring peace, comfort and joy to my friends.

I have a compassionate, caring attitude.

I am non-judgmental with myself and others.

I speak words of love and assurance.

My friendships are fun and happy and harmonious.

Friendship Questions:
How can I express love to my friends today?
How can I make a new friend today?

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       "Create a Life that Tickles
                     Your Soul"
"Finding Peace, Passion, & Purpose"

             by Suzanne Willis Zoglio, PhD

         "Who Brings out the Zest in You?"

    "To rev up your passion and tap more of your life
consider connecting more often with those who make
you feel alive, spontaneous, and optimistic.  Surround
yourself with wisdom, intuition, wit, humor, and child-
like innocence.

     Know who it is that makes you feel loved and 
joyful.  Consider who makes you laugh easily and
who encourages you to be honest with yourself.  

    Strengthen connections with those who generously
explore ideas with you and listen non-judgmentally
when you share your thoughts.  

    Celebrate life with those who know you, warts 
and all . . .so you can enjoy without pretense and
dance to the music playing in your soul.

    One of my friends has a surefire guarantee for
hearty laughter.  She doesn't tell jokes or stories; she
just sees the humor in life's little episodes.  She laughs
easily, and her laughter is infectious.  She reminds all
who come in contact with her to lighten up and honor
the innocent exuberance of the child we all carry inside.  

    Another friend can be counted on to energize.  He
has great enthusiasm for food, wine, opera, laughter. . .
and life in general.  It's impossible not to get a "boost"
when you're in his presence.

    Other friends are comforting, accessible, and
supportive.  Some stretch my mind; others warm my
heart. Some honor me with their secret fears, plans,
or challenges.  

    All are treasures that add immensely to my life.  
Consider who brings out the best in you . . . and
beat a path to their door more often."

                                - Suzanne Willis Zoglio

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Create a Life That Tickles Your Soul


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