"Great Minds have
    Purposes, Others Have Wishes."
                                    -Washington Irving

Leadership Quotes:

To be able to lead others, a man must be
    willing to go forward alone.

Leaders don't wait.  They shape their own

The person who goes furthest is generally
   the one who is willing to do and dare. The
sure thing boat never gets far from shore.
                                - Dale Carnegie

A leader embraces the future.

Leadership Affirmations:

The wisdom of God fills my mind and inspires
    my thoughts.

I lead others with wisdom and courage.

I readily embrace challenges  I conquer
   them with ease.

Every challenge I face makes me stronger
   and  wiser.

I successfully lead others with confidence.

Leadership Questions:

Am I enthusiastically looking for solutions for
    even seemingly impossible situations by 
    thinking in terms of possibility thinking?
Am I building a solid foundation for acting on 
    facts so that I can think with certainty and 
    move ahead with courage?.


    Congratulations to Monica Hollis of Blue Springs, 
Missouri!  You're the winner of the September
2003 Monthly Book Contest - "Don't Sweat the
Small Stuff with Your Family" by Richard Carlson.
The book is on its way to you.  Good luck to all of 
you in this month's contest.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family.



       "Thinking for a Change"
"11 Ways Highly Successful People
           Approach Life and Work"

             by John C. Maxwell

                "The Big Picture"

    "You can find many big-picture thinkers who 
aren't leaders, but you will find  few leaders who are
not big-picture thinkers.  Leaders must be able to do
many important things for their people:

1.  See the Vision Before Their people do.
That's one of the reasons they are able to lead.
     Leaders not only see the big picture before others
     do, they also see more of it.  This allows them to...

2.  Size up situations, taking into account many

      Leaders who see the big picture discern possible 
      possibilities as well as problems.  As Max De 
      Pree says, the first responsibility of a leader is to
      define reality. Doing that allows the leader to form
      a foundation to build the vision.  Once leaders 
      have done that, they can ..

3.  Sketch a picture of where the team is going. 
     Too often when people present the big picture, it is 
     drawn up as a bright image without any challenges
     or obstacles. That false portrait leads only to 
     discouragement when followers actually take the 

     The goals of leaders shouldn't be merely to make
     their people feel good, but to help them be good 
     and accomplish the dream.  The vision, shown  
     accurately, will allow leaders to. . .

4.  Seize the moment when the timing is right.  In
     leadership, when to move is as important as what you
     do.  As Winston Churchill said, "There comes a special
     moment in everyone's life, a moment for which that
     person was born.  When he seizes it . . . it is his
     finest hour."                                    

        People who are constantly looking at the whole 
picture have the best chance of succeeding in any
                                      - John Maxwell

       This incredible book teaches not what to think,
but how to think - how to best use one of your most
precious possessions - your mind.   He's considered
one of the foremost experts on leadership and has
written many books on the subject of leadership.

       In this book he explores the topics such as 
Focused Thinking, Creative Thinking, Strategic 
Thinking and Possibility Thinking.

    For more information on how to order this book, click 

Thinking for a Change by John Maxwell..

Have a Great Day!  .

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2003 by Barbara Jean Olson


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