"Creativity Comes Easily
When We Remain Open, Flexible,
        Playful and Curious..."      

Creativity Quotes:

    The creative mind doesn't require logical 
transitions from one thought to another.  It skips, 
jumps, doubles back, circles, and dives from 
one idea to the next.
                               -Bonnie Goldberg

    Creativity is a spiritual action in which a 
person forgets about himself, moves outside
of himself in the creative act, absorbed by 
his task.
                                  -Nicolai Berdyaev

     Only through creativity, risk taking, and
a lack of a need for security can you find
true security.
                            -Ernie Zelinsky

Creativity Affirmations:

I am a very creative person.

God is always with me as indwelling wisdom.

I am at all the times attuned to my inner guidance.

I remain open to new, fresh, creative ideas.

Solutions come quickly and easily to me.

Everything I need to know is revealed to me
   at the perfect time. I am thankful.

Try interchanging the word "you" when saying
or writing your affirmations to affirm and ask for
blessings for others.

Creativity Questions:

What are 10 creative, outrageous  ideas I can
   come up with right now to solve my most pressing

What was the most creative thing I did today
   that I can congratulate my self on?


     Congratulations to Karen Wilk of Tucson, 
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Love is Letting Go of Fear

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"The Lazy Person's Guide to Success"
How to Get What You Want without Killing 
                         Yourself for It.

  by Ernie J. Zelinski

    "Creativity is a powerful tool for anyone who is
willing to put forth the necessary effort to develop it -
use it. 

     Make no mistake:  you too can develop your creative
talent and make it your most important resource for 
generating wealth, achieving financial independence, 
and, especially, maintaining emotional well-being.  

     From a financial point of view, your most valuable
asset is not your education, your job, your house, or
 your bank account.  It's your brain.  

    The value you place on your creative mind should
be at least a million dollars, because you can use it to 
generate many times that amount over your lifetime. 
For this reason, your creativity can make you a 

    The more you see yourself as a creative person, 
the more prosperous you will feel and the more
confident you will be that you can generate a lot 
more wealth for yourself - without having to work
hard for it."

    Ernie Zelinski has a wonderful philosophy on 
how to lead a relaxed, happy, satisfying & fulfilling
    Click on the link below to order it today.

The Lazy Person's Guide to Success


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