Spreads Cheerfulness to All."

Optimism Quotes:

Optimism is faith that leads to achievement.
                                    - Helen Keller

The pessimist sees the difficulty in every 
opportunity. The optimist, the opportunity in 
every difficulty.
                                  - L. Jacks. 

The only thing that stands between a man 
and what  he wants in life is often merely the
will to try and the faith to believe it is possible.
                                  - Richard M. DeVos

With optimism, life can triumph.
                     - Romane Beardena

Optimism Affirmations:

I am totally optimistic about my future.

Higher wisdom illumines and directs my path.

My life unfolds in Divine Order.

I am now ready for prosperity and abundance
    to flow into my life.

I have a bright and happy future ahead of me.

Optimism Questions:

What one thing would I like to feel more optimistic
     about today?   

What affirmation can I use that will help me view
     this situation with confidence & optimism?

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The Power of Optimism:
  by Alan Loy McGinnis

    "What is the source of this extreme self-confidence
found in all optimists, this conviction that they can 
accomplish great things?  Do they have an exaggerated
view of their abilities?  Usually not.  Many optimists I
know are quick to point out that others have talents 
superior to theirs. 

    Yet they are confident they can accomplish almost
anything and have almost anything they want. The intangible
quality that separates many successful people from talented
people who fail is the sheer force of their wills.  They
have stronger passions, greater desires than average.

    A young man who aspired to the study of law once
wrote Lincoln for advice, Lincoln replied, "If you are
resolutely determined to make a lawyer of  yourself, the
thing is more than half done already.  Always bear in mind
that your own resolution to succeed is more important than 
any other thing."

    To sum it up, optimists are people of action because
they believe they have a great deal of control over their
future.  They are likely to carry with them a fervent 
desire for success, and they know that their passion can
propel them for long distances when other people - 
people who sometimes have greater talent - will fall by
the wayside."
                                  by Alan Loy McGinnis  

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"The Power of Optimism".

Have a Beautiful Day!  Hope everything is going well for you.

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2003 by Barbara Jean Olson


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