"The Cure for Fear
           is Faith."

                   - Norman Vincent Peale 

Faith Quotes:
Faith is the root of all blessings.  Believe and
    your needs must be satisfied; believe, and
    you cannot but be comforted and happy.
                                        - Jeremy Taylor
To believe is to be strong.  Doubt wastes energy.  
    Belief is power.
                                         - F. W. Robertson

You may be deceived if you  trust too much, but
     you will live in torment if you do not trust enough. 
                                   - Dr. Frank Crane    

He who trusts in himself is lost.  He who trusts 
     in God can do all things. 
                              - Saint Alphonsus Liguori

I am strong in my faith. 

I am filled with confidence.

I have faith that God knows what is best for me.   

I believe He is trustworthy.

I believe in the perfect outcome of every 
    situation in my life.

I am safe, secure, protected and prospered.

    In "Meet it With Faith", Martha Smock helps us gain
spiritual understanding and gives many practical ways 
to meet and overcome every challenge with faith.  

                 "Meet it With Faith"
                             by  Martha Smock 

     "Has something occurred to cause you grief or 
unhappiness?  Meet it with faith, the faith that God is
with you, the faith that God is present in every person
and in every situation, the faith that God can be trusted
to bless,
to renew, to heal, and to make all things right.

     Meet it with faith!  This is the way to overcome
unhappiness. As you look past what seems to be and 
hold to the truth that nothing can separate you from God's
love, nothing can cast you down, nothing is greater than
God's power in you, cares slip away, and the joy of Spirit
rises up in you.

     The faith you have in the invisible but all-providing 
Spirit will bring forth results in outer ways that will 
sometimes be astonishing. You can prove God as your
source and your supply as you meet every appearance of
lack, every thought of lack with faith - faith that is
strong and unwavering, faith that calls forth God, calls 
forth the power of good, and sets God's wonderful Spirit
to work in and through you.

     Whatever the appearance, meet it with faith!.
                                                           - Martha Smock

To learn more about this inspiring book, click here.


Have a faith-filled day!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2004 by Barbara Jean Olson


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