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Inspirational Quotations, #02-07 - Fun-Loving Quotations
May 29, 2007

"Fill each Hour with Fun-loving

Fun-Loving Quotes: 
Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do.
                                      - Gerry Skiorski

Fill your life with as many moments and 
    experiences of joy and passion as
    you humanly can.
                                          - Marcia Weider

Live nutty.  Just occasionally.  Just once in a while
     and see what happens.  It brightens up the day.
                                     - Leo Buscaglia.

The main point in the game of life is to have fun.
      We are afraid to have fun because somehow
      that makes life too easy.
                                    - Sammy Davis, Jr.

Fun-Loving Affirmations:

I have a great sense of humor.

I look for and find the humor in all situations.

I have a sunny disposition.

I feel exhilarated by life.

I allow myself to feel unbounded joy now.

Fun-Loving Questions:

Am I enjoying myself right now?  If not what could
    I do to enjoy myself more?

Am I a fun-loving person to be with?  


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Book Excerpt:

"Healthy, Wealthy & Wise"           
                                - by Andrea Rains Waggener

    "Fun is the salt and pepper in a day.  Without it, 
life lacks spice.  Face it - life can be drudgery 
sometimes.  Cleaning toilets, vacuuming out the 
car, and washing windows is pretty mundane stuff.  
But it doesn't have to be.

    Every one of those tasks and most others, can be fun
if you look for ways to make them fun.

    One of my favorite ways to have fun doing chores
like these is to crank up the stereo and sing along,
with high-volume enthusiasm, to as many songs as
I know the words to, and many of those I don't.  Making
up songs about what I'm doing can be entertaining

    All it takes to be fun-loving is a willingness to look
for fun and enjoy it in whatever form it comes.  If you
can do that, you'll find that being fun-loving will raise
the quality of your life to new heights."
                                  - Andrea Rains Waggener

To find out more about this wonderful book, go to:



     Try substituting "you" for "I" in the affirmations
to bless others, to picture all-good for them,  and 
to see them in a new light.

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     Have a playful day!  May the Lord grant you
all the desires of your heart!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2007 by Barbara Jean Olson

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