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Inspirational Quotations, #02-06 - Play Quotations
July 19, 2006

 "Motto:  Let's Have More Fun
              More Often!"

Play Quotes: 
A playful path is the shortest road to happiness.

We don't stop playing because we turn old, but 
     we turn old because we stop playing
                                        - Satchel Paige

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in
     what they are doing.
                                      -Dale Carnegie

Play is one of the most powerful ways of breaking
    up hopelessness and bringing energy into the 
                                   - O  Carl Simonton

Take time every day to do something silly.
                                          - Phillip Walker

Play Affirmations:

I love to play, for when I play I enter right
    into the heart of life.

I have fun in everything I do.

I am happy to be me.

I embrace the world with joy and laughter.    

I feel fantastic!

Everything is fabulous in my world.

Play Questions:

How can I add some fun into my life today?

What can I do to bring more pleasure and
    fun to my present activity?


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Book Excerpt:                      

"Pleasant Dreams" 
   Nighttime Meditations for Peace of Mind
                               - Amy E. Dean

    Have you ever observed squirrels in your backyard
or in a nearby park?  With their boundless energy, they
seem to be on a never-ending mission of joyous union
with life. 

     They scurry up and down tree trunks, hang from
branches, leap gracefully from tree top to tree top, and 
then jump down to the ground.  

     There they locate nuts and other edibles and either
bury them as a dog would bury a bone for future snacking
or furiously nibble at the food.

    Sometimes, in mid-meal, they dart off once again - 
this time, perhaps , to greet another squirrel, roll 
playfully around on the grass together, then chase
each other around and around the base of a tree trunk.

    Squirrels are like individualized packets of joy. 
Everything they do seems to give them pleasure: walking
across telephone wires like circus acrobats, jumping
from tree to tree, wiggling their noses, scampering 
about, and swishing their long, bushy tails.

    What the squirrels seem to capture is a joy of life - 
a happiness in being alive and having many enjoyable
things to do from the moment they wake up to the time 
thy need to rest.

     From this moment on, decide to be like a squirrel. 
Don't take yourself or your life too seriously.  Instead, 
think about all the things you'd like to do, pick one -
and then do it!
    Did I laugh today?  Did I take time out to play?  Did
I enjoy my meals, the company I kept, and the things 
I did?  

    Each night I'll strive to see my life as an adventure
and enjoy every part of it.
                                                                - Amy Dean

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Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2006 by Barbara Jean Olson

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