"Bad Luck Leads to
    Good Luck - Eventually."

                           - Mark Myers

Luck Quotes:

Luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity,
   and the ability to take advantage of it.
                                       - Samuel Goldwyn

Ill luck is, in nine cases out of ten, the result
   of putting pleasure first and duty second,
   instead of duty first and pleasure second.
                                         - T Munger

There are no chances so unlucky from which
   clever people are not able to reap some
   advantage, and none so lucky that the foolish  
   are not able to turn them to their own 
                                          - Rochefoucauld 

Opportunity doesn't knock. You knock and
   opportunity answers.
I am a lucky person. I count my blessings.

Good things are coming my way.

I deserve good luck.

My luck is improving daily.

I expect things to turn out well for me and
    they do.  I am thankful.


Marc Myers has written a terrific, fun book,
  revealing 10 commandments of lucky people 
  and the 7 secrets they use to attract luck.  

         "How to Make Luck"
       7 Secrets Lucky People Use
                     to Succeed.

 "Luck-Making Habits that Pay Off"
    The amount of good luck you receive in life is
directly related to how lucky you think you are.  

     The more you believe that good things routinely
come your way, the luckier you will behave, and the
more people will want to help you.

      Think lucky, and your optimism will
automatically show on your face and in how you 
carry yourself.

      Believe you are lucky and you will feel 
invincible - convinced that a force is protecting you
from the misfortunes others suffer.

      Your optimism and self pride will soar and be
evident to everyone you meet.  A lucky attitude
seductively draws people near and enlists them
in your cause.

      To think and behave lucky, you must develop
a special set of habits that will become the basis
for everything you say and do.  Every lucky person
I know lives by these essential habits that lay the
foundation for attracting good luck.

    1)  Don't play the blame game . . .  always
           bury your grudges.

    2)  Mean what you say and avoid saying 
           anything mean.

    3)  Don't be a Know-it-All.  Ask questions
            instead of making statements.

    4)  Appreciate what you have while seeking
          what you don't have.

    5)  Dress the part.  Looking lucky is about 
           neatness and being well-groomed which
           shows respect for others.

    6)   Be patient. Look constantly for opportunities
            and contacts. Know when to coast for a 

    7)   Fight off envy at all costs. It makes us bitter,
            undercutting our positive energy.

    8)   Relax - Tomorrow 's Another Day. Giving
          problems time to work themselves out
          keeps you from being stressed out. Always
          view your problems as solvable."
                                        - Marc Myers

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Have a beautiful day!

Barbara Jean Olson

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