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Inspirational Quotations, #01-07 - Goal Setting Quotations
January 22, 2007

   "Visualize the End Result."

Goal Quotes: 
This one step - choosing a goal and sticking
    to it - changes everything.
                                       - Scott Reed

When you set goals, something inside of you 
     starts saying, "Let's go, let's go," and ceilings
     start to move up.
                                        - Zig Ziglar

To achieve happiness, we should make certain
     that we are never without an important goal.
                                      - Earl Nightingale

Do it now.  You become successful the moment
    you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.

Goal Affirmations:

I set goals and achieve them easily and effortlessly.

I find it easy to act on my goals.

I am a powerful and confident person

I have all the energy I require accomplish
     any task.

I clearly see myself achieving my desires.

Goal Oriented Questions:

What goals do I want to accomplish in the  next 7 days?

How would I feel and act if I already had what I wanted?


Book Excerpt:   

"The Power of Focus"           
                              - by Jack Canfield
                                     Mark Victor Hansen
                                     Les Hewitt

               "The Purpose of Goals"  

    "When you prepare to write down your future goals, 
ask yourself, What's really important to me?  What's 
the purpose of doing this?

     What am I prepared to give up to make this happen?  
This thinking process will increase your clarity. It's 
critically important that you do this.   

    Your goals must be specific and measurable.

    Here's where most people lose it.  It's one of the main
reasons individuals never achieve what they're capable of. 
They never accurately define what they want.  Vague 
generalizations and wishy-washy statements aren't good

     For example, if someone says, "My goal is to be
financially independent," what does that really mean?  
For some people financial independence is having $50
million saved and invested.

     For others it's earning $100,00 a year.  For someone
else it's being debt-free. What is it for you?  What's the
number?  If this is an important goal for you, take the 
time now to figure it out.

     Here are three words that will help you tremendously:  
Be more specific.

      Here's  the point:  When you set a goal, challenge 
yourself with the words, "Be more specific."  Keep 
repeating this until your goal is crystal-clear and
measurable.  By doing this, you'll dramatically
increase your chances of achieving the desired result."

        To find out more about this book, go to:



Try substituting "you" for "I" in the affirmations
to bless others, to picture all-good for them, and
to see them in a new light.

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Barbara Jean Olson

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