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Inspirational Quotations, #01-06 - Passion Quotations
February 13, 2006

    "Live Life Passionately!"
Passion Quotes: 
Paradise is always where love dwells.
                                - Joseph Paul Richter

Life is a flower of which love is the honey.
                                             - Victor Hugo
The naked promise in a glance, the 
    electricity in a touch, the delicious
    heat in a kiss.
                                             -Trudy Colross

If I had a single flower for every time I think
   about you, I could walk forever in my garden.
                                       - Claudi Grandi 

Passion Affirmations:

I love my life today.

I look for the positive in each situation.

I deserve to have wonderful things
     happen to me.

My heart is filled with love and

I passionately love every aspect of my life.

Passion Questions:

What activity can I do today with passion?

Am I bringing enthusiasm and joy and
   passion into my relationships today?


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"Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" 
                            - Andrea Rains Waggener

   " When you're passionate, you care more about just
doing something than about how well you do it.  You 
don't need what you're doing to make a lot of money
or bring you fame and fortune. 

    You're doing whatever you're dong because you love
it and because it makes you happy.  

    People understand sexual passion.  But many people
are not blessed with true passion for the things they do
or for their lives in general.

    Passion for life is the bottom line of being
passionate.  If you have enough things in your life you're
enthusiastic about, that get you excited and make you
feel good, you will be passionate abut life.

    If you can't figure out what revs your engine, go
back in your memories to your childhood.  What did you 
love then? 

     A little excavation of your likes and dislikes can
reveal your passions.

    What lights you up?  Whatever it is, make a place for 
it in your life.  Give yourself and those around you the
gift of enthusiastic zeal.

    It's a great way to live a quality life."
                                - Andrea Rains Waggener

       To find out more about this book, go to:


     Try substituting "you" for "I" in the affirmations
to bless others, to picture all-good for them,  and 
to see them in a new light.

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      Have a wonderful day!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2006 by Barbara Jean Olson

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