"Cherish Your Visions
         and Your Dreams"
                                - Napoleon Hill

Dream Quotations: 
Dreams can come true!.  Without that possibility,
     Nature would not incite us to have them.
                                        - John Updyke

The future belongs to those who believe in the
     beauty of their dreams.
                                     - Eleanor Roosevelt
There is nothing like a dream to create a future.
                                         - Victor Hugo 

Dreams are where you want to go.  Work is 
     how you get there.

Dream Affirmations:

I give myself the freedom to explore the
   gift of my inner dreams.

I take time to cultivate my gifts and abilities.

I am excited about my dreams.

I am guided into right action and the successful
    accomplishment of these dreams.

I am making a difference in the world.  I am thankful.


"How Much Joy Can You Stand"         
                             - Suzanne Falter-Barns

   "Why Leap off the Cliff in the First Place"

"Whether you realize it or not, you and you alone have
something unique to create.  None of the billions of other
people who populate the earth has your particular talents,
knowledge, experience, and dreams.  

    This is your birthright - the gift you have been given.
Whether it's creating the ultimate bagel, a thriving  
dry-cleaning business, or a lifetime of exquisite
tapestries, you are the only one who carries its
    If you've ever listened to that small, still voice in
the dark recesses of your soul, you know this is true.  

    Somewhere in there, the longing to manifest this gift
speaks to you on a regular basis; it's that embarrassing
dream you keep coming back to, the one that usually 
feels so hopeless

    The purpose of this book is to explore the one thing 
necessary to move you toward that dream -  your own
creative process and the steps you must take to turn that 
dream into reality. 

    Understanding the sometimes-fickle, sometimes-
euphoric nature of all this creating is key to making
                                - Suzanne Falter-Barns

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     Have a dream-filled day!  May the Lord grant you
all the desires of your heart!

Barbara Jean Olson


Copyright © 2005 by Barbara Jean Olson


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