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Inspirational Quotations, #01-04 Love Quotations
February 09, 2004

       "Real Love Keeps you
           Feeling Young"

Love Quotes:

To love is to know the ecstasy of human existence.

When two people really choose in their hearts to
    go through life together, love will endure.

Love gives you a renewed sense of hope that today
    will be better than yesterday.
The trick is to keep vitality in old relationships and
    find depth in a young one.
Love Affirmations:

The love of God fills my heart and attracts to me 
   every needed good.

I create an atmosphere of  love in my home through 
   loving thoughts, words, and actions.

I send loving thoughts to everyone I know.

My love makes me feel peaceful and confident.

As I express my love, I draw happy, loving, harmonious,
   experiences to myself.  I am thankful.

Love Question:  
What are 3 special ways I can express more love to
   someone close to me today?


    Congratulations to Tammy Carlson of  Bismarck,
North Dakota!  You're the winner of the January 2004
Monthly Book Contest - "21 Success Secrets of Millionaires"
by Brian Tracy.  Good luck to all of you in this month's


Following is an excerpt from an extraordinary
   book that teaches how to create and enjoy a
   deep, intimate, and caring love life.

        "The Love You Deserve"
              10 Keys to Perfect Love
                                          - Scott Peck
         "Kindness and Honesty" 
Kindness + honesty unite us with our love-mate
                    at the level of soul.

     Kindness combined with honesty is awesome in its
power to liberate love.
  It says to each love-mate:

        "You are emotionally safe in my love at
         all times and you can depend on my 
         kindness and honesty."

      Think of kindness + honesty as a combined force
that needs to be expressed simultaneously.  Why 

      For two good reasons:

     1. Without kindness, honesty stings our heart and 
            causes us  to retreat from love.

     2.  Without honesty, however, kindness feels empty
            and untrustworthy and leads away from intimacy.

     Expressed simultaneously, kindness + honesty bring
out and uplift the love we deserve.

     Envision what your life would feel like if your love-
mate treated you with consistent kindness and honesty.

     a.  You would know what your love-mate was feeling, 
experiencing, and thinking at the most intimate level of
your love-mate's identity.

     b. You would be able to reveal your desires, 
feelings, hopes, fears, and needs to your love-mate in an
environment of support and trust.

     c. You would enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of
exploring and sharing parts of yourself never before ventured.

    This is what love-mates in perfect love expect, 
contribute, and enjoy. This is the love you deserve!
    Every single time you act with kindness + honesty you 
increase your skill with this powerful force and uplift 
your love life."
                                           - Scott Peck

Click here to learn more about this wonderful book.


Have a beautiful day!

Barbara Jean Olson

Copyright © 2004 by Barbara Jean Olson


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