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Inspirational Quotations - 3 Tips for a More Romantic Relationship - 2-14-20 - #1
February 14, 2020

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       "3 Tips for a More Romantic 
      Relationship - Starting Today"


    Hi Friend, 

          I hope you're doing well and are having a deliciously 
    beautiful day and evening with your sweetheart and loved 

          In this e-zine we'll explore ways to make your present
    relationship with your partner even more special.  I have
    3 tips I'd like to share with you, plus a bonus one.

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                           Romance Quotations:

        Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday 
            into a golden haze.
                                                                            Elinor Glyn

        I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how 
            wonderful life is while you're in the world.
                                                            Elton John - "Your Song" 

        Sometimes all you need is a hug from the right person
             and all your stress will melt away.

        A true love story never ends.

                      Love Affirmations:

               My heart is opening as I radiate love to everyone.

              I have a tremendous amount of love to give and
                    I give it freely - joyfully.

              All my relationships are peaceful, loving and long

              Everywhere I go, I find love.  My life is beautiful!
              An endless supply of love, good will, and fun flows 
                    to me and from me at all times.  

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                 Romance Questions:

    Can  I ask a question today and give my loved one 100% 
       of my undivided attention while I listen to the answer?

Can I think of some small, sweet, romantic ways to tell 
or show my partner I love them - maybe a warm hug,
        a long kiss,  a candlelight dinner, or a slow dance to
        our favorite song?


                 Inspirational Essay:   

  3 Tips for a More Loving Relationship 
                        by Barbara Jean Olson

   1. Encourage, Support and Compliment

         Notice, Praise and Love all the little acts of kindness 
    he or she does for you and for others.  This will make your
    mate feel validated, needed, and wanted, brightening
    your day as well.  Genuinely look for things to compliment.

        Admiring each other is key to a wonderful relationship.

        Part of appreciation is, if you receive a gift, to accept it 
    and be grateful for it.  Never act disappointed or tell them 
    you don't like it.  They probably put a lot of thought into it 
    and were hoping you would like it and love them even more 
    because of the gift they gave you.

        If one or both of you find gift giving stressful, have
    an agreement to help each other pick out your own gifts. 
    They can still be wrapped and come from the other
        Or decide not to give gifts and do other loving things
    with each other - like making cards with special romantic
    requests and drawing them and fulfilling the request once
    a week or so - or giving each other relaxing massages and
    fabulous dinners out on the town.


   2. Forgive Quickly - Let it Go!

         Sometimes someone close to us hurts our feelings. We 
    might feel rejected or put down.  This not only makes us
    unhappy, but strains our relationship.  

        When you feel resentment or hurt arising within you, the 
    best thing to do is write out your feelings, think through the 
    facts, give yourself some time to calm down, visualize a 
    positive outcome and then talk it over rationally. 

         Use "I" not "You" language. For example, I felt hurt when
     _______", not "You made me feel hurt when______".  That
    way you take responsibility for your own feelings.  Get it 
    resolved so you can have that close, trusting relationship 
    once again.

         One woman who was celebrating their 50th Anniversary
    was asked the secret to her happy marriage.  She said 
    when she got married she planned to write down a list of
    all the things that might come up that she would forgive her 
    husband for.  

        She never did get around to writing that list.  But over the
    years, whenever she got upset with him, she would say to 
    herself, "Lucky for him - that was on my list!"

         A little humor goes a long way to erasing those hurtful
    occurrences that happen in our lives.

    3. Reserve 10 Minutes Minimum  
               Just for Each Other

         Sometimes we get so busy taking care of work and all 
    the daily tasks that crop up we don't take the time to 
    connect with our partner for days.  An easy solution is to
    carve out at least 10 minutes every day to be exclusively 
    with each other - giving 100% of our attention.

        That means no phones, no internet, no TV, no loud music.  
    For those few minutes, commit to giving the other person
    your undivided attention. Take a moment to look into each 
    other's eyes and hold hands or lovingly touch their arm.

         Ask questions.  Be curious - like when you first met.  
    Don't assume you know everything about your partner. 
    You're both changing all the time.  Ask them about their 
    childhood, who they admire and why, what they learned
    that day, what surprised them today.  

Be creative with your questions - you might even enjoy
     pretending you've just met.  It will bring a nice freshness
     to your relationship.  Try it tonight!

          Practice mindfulness.  Listen to the tone of their voice
    and the emotions behind it.  Notice their posture and hand
    movements, the color of their eyes.  Be fascinated by
these things for just a few minutes.  Listen to others as 
    you would have them listen to you is a good motto.

         This is your time to relax and have a quiet, peaceful
    interlude in your day.  It can be something to look for-
    ward to every day -  like a refreshing oasis in the desert.

             Bonus Tip - Don't Make the Other 
                        Person Wrong
         Remember the quote - "The art of conversation
    consists of building on another's observations, not 
    over-turning them."

          If you don't agree with someone, you don't need to 
    voice your opposing opinion unless, of course, it's really 
    important. Think of how you feel when someone makes
    you wrong and just let your opinion go sometimes.

          Ask questions as to why he or she thinks that way. 
    You might be surprised at their answers. It's not always 
    necessary to be right and it does avoid a lot of arguments.

         Think also of what's paramount when you are tempted
    to voice your contrary opinion - a peaceful, loving relation-
    ship or a strained one?  I think you'll agree - a peaceful 
    relationship is much more fun and fulfilling, isn't it?  It's
    easy, too.

          Try these tips and let the magic happen!  You'll find 
    your special relationships growing even more wonderful. 
    And won't that be great?


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Much Love,

       Barbara Jean Olson

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